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Florida Eviction Law

Our office represents owners, investors and property managers in residential and commercial evictions. Florida’s Landlord Tenant Act is a set of complex laws with many pitfalls if not followed properly. We understand that having to evict a tenant who is not paying as agreed is aggravating and an unwanted expense for property owners but not having trained professionals handle the matter may result in further delay and potential liability risk on the part of the landlord if the proper procedures are not followed.

Florida Lemon Law

Florida’s Lemon Law is consumer friendly, however there are certain requirements which must be met. In order to qualify under the Lemon law, a new or demonstrator (demo) vehicle must have a defect that substantially impairs the use, value or safety. The vehicle must be taken to an authorized dealer at least three times for repair of the same problem or the vehicle must be in out of service at an authorized dealer for repairs of one or more problems for 15 or more days in total. The Lemon Law Rights Period is the first 24 months after the date of delivery of the vehicle to the consumer. Once a vehicle is determined to be a Lemon the consumer may be eligible for a purchase price refund or a replacement vehicle.

Miami Dade and Broward Bankruptcy Chapter 13

Bankruptcy need not mean losing your property and completely starting over. The right lawyer can help you reorganize your debt in a way that relieves some of the financial burden you currently face, without forcing you to move or get rid of desired assets. The Law Offices of Samir Masri is a great resource to turn to as you determine which bankruptcy option is best for your specific situation.

Miami Dade and Broward Bankruptcy Chapter 7

If you require a fresh start with your finances, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be a viable option. The process of filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming, however, so it's prudent to work with a knowledgeable Miami Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer. From mortgage modification to adversary proceedings, the Law Offices of Samir Masri provides an extensive range of legal services related to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, which is often the best solution for those with crippling debt.

Miami Dade and Broward Garnishment and Debt Collection Defense

For many individuals, Florida law affords protection from debt collection and garnishment of wages. However, since most people are not aware of the accommodations that the law provides, creditors often take advantage of the situation and at times even violate the debtor’s rights.

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