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Caring and undestanding Attorney

I had a very difficult bankruptcy case and after interviewing with several attorneys I decided to hire Attorney Samir Masri, I am so glad I did. The Attorney took his time to guide me through my bankruptcy case in a very caring manner. When I first met with him I was in foreclosure and I was about to lose my home. He went the extra mile to file an emergency bankruptcy and I was able to save my home and reorganize my debts. His staff was very efficient in helping me organize all the necessary documents needed for my case. My life is back now and I can move on thanks to his outstanding legal service. I will definitely recommend Mr. Masri.

- (5 star review)

An Attorney You Can Rely On!

Mr. Masri and his staff are outstanding. They deliver excellent, responsive service. We hired Mr. Masri during one of the worst times of our lives… Bankruptcy He was very knowledgable and answered every question we had, no matter how small and always made us feel at ease. From the very first meeting with him until the end of our bankruptcy case, we knew we could depend on him. We’re very thankful for his expertise and would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for legal assistance.

- (5 star review)

Thankfully I made the perfect choice!!

I couldn’t delay my bankruptcy any more and the last thing I wanted to do is to have to deal with an Attorney, unfortunately I had no other choice!. I went to see Attorney Masri only because my sister recommended him. Thankfully he was very honest, and didn’t drain my pockets. His firm gave me an unbelievable legal service. I was wrong; you can get reasonable and honest legal services if you know where to go. I do recommend Attorney Samir Masri

- (5 star review)

Perfect Attorney !!!

I hire Attorney Samir Masri for my bankruptcy. He answered every question. I’m very thankful and I will definitely recommend him.

- (5 star review)

I recommend Attorney Samir Masri

It is with great pleasure that I recommend this attorney, Samir Masri. I placed my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case in his hands and he delivered. Despite several changes that occurred during the process, he knew how to best manage the situation. Mr. Masri, along with his staff, handled my case with professionalism, attention to detail and dedication.

Con gran placer recomiendo al Abogado Samir Masri, ya que puse en sus manos mi bancarrota Capitulo 13. A pesar de que hubieron cambios en la misma, el supo manejar la situacion de la major forma posible teniendo un resultado muy satisfactorio. Tanto el Abogado Masri, como sus Asistentes, trataron mi caso con gran profesionalismo, dedicacion y esmero.

- (5 star review)

The best attorney in the world

Awesome attorney, I had referred him Los of possible clients, I live also the way that I was treated by Raicelis Barrios and Reina. I think they are a Greta asset for the law firm. They should deserve a raice in their salary..

- (5 star review)

The best Lawyer

Samir Masri is a perfect lawyer that help me a lot with my bankruptcy. I commend this lawyer for everyone because is a responsible person and he knows how to act in every situation.

- (5 star review)

Samir Masri

Mr. Samir was a responsible lawyer and the team that he works with is very good. The team is very courteous and responsable.

- (5 star review)

Best Choice

The decision of filing for bankruptcy is one of the most important ones that a person can ever make financially wise, reason why I chose Attorney Samir Masri to represent me throughout my bankruptcy case.
Mr. Masri represented me since the very first step making a world of difference in what a nightmare sometimes this process can become when not making the best choice. Attorney Masri has the experience, the knowledge, the will to help his clients rebuild a better life, and also a very supportive/professional office team, determinants that when put altogether makes clients succeed in a bankruptcy proceeding.

- (5 star review)

Bankruptcy/Chapter 13

I found Mr. Samir Masri performance to be through, professional and detailed. Over that period of time, I was were pleased to see his patient while helping me threw his exceptional knowledge, skills and abilities in the areas of ” Bankruptcy/Chapter 13 “

- (5 star review)

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

I am very satisfied with the work and service that I received from Samir Masri and his staff. He is an excellent attorney. I highly recommend him.

- (5 star review)


Samir is the best attorney in Miami, a true professional. He provides great results and solves issues quickly. Samir and his team (Raicelys & Reina) did and AMAZING job. I highly recommend his legal services. Thank you so much for all your help and thank you for being such an awesome attorney!!! You guys exceeded my expectations 🙂

- (5 star review)

Reorganization Services- Bankruptcy

Samir, and his team led by Raicelys were instumental in my financial reorganization years ago, they were professional, knowledgeable and allowed me to lawfully get financially reorganized. Currently I am successful, in no small part thanks to them!

- (5 star review)

Bankruptcy Case Final

Samir was very diligent with my case. At times hard to get updates on the case, but at the end it all worked out. Very knowledgable of the law and always looking to protect his clients interest. Would have no issue recommending Samir.

- (4 star review)


I met Mr. Samir Masri in February of 2013 and he and his staff helped me file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and throughout the process it was necessary to make changes and to also apply for home loan modification which they completed successfully. I would recommend Mr. Samir Masri, Reina Sanchez and Raicelys Barrios along with the other staff I have not had the pleasure to meet for any of your legal needs. They have always been there for me and have explained everything beyond my expectations and have gone way beyond the call of duty to help me. If you need legal advise of any kind I would suggest that you contact his office as I am certain that you will be overly pleased with the level of knowledge, customer service and professionalism.


- (5 star review)

Review for Samir Masri

I have know Samir Masri for almost 8 years. He has successfully handled a personal bankruptcy for my wife and I. Samir is an outstanding attorney who establishes a very personal relationship with his clients. He spends hours and hours consulting with his clients by telephone and in person. He explains complicated legal procedures to his clients clearly and thoroughly, telling the client every step of the way what to expect in the legal process. I am privileged to recommend him highly to potential clients. In addition, Samir has an extraordinary legal support team of assistants and paralegals. If you retain Mr. Masri as your attorney, you will not be disappointed.

- (5 star review)

Recognition to Mr. Samir Masri

The sr Samir Masri, for my excellent lawyer, good Advisor, works for what was hired, with much effort, with much experience in bankruptcy, very good lawyer

- (5 star review)

Excellent service

I worked with Mr. Samir on lemon law case. He was very approachable, honest and transparent. He clearly explained the process of my case and every step happened as expected. His team was very responsive. I would highly recommend his service.

- (5 star review)

Raul Vincent & Francis Vincent

In 2010 my parents hired Mr. Samir Masri to work on their Chapter 13 bankruptcy which is a five year process. They are an older couple and so I was very much involved in the entire process. From the very beginning Mr. Masri was very patient and polite with my parents. He explained everything thoroughly and in the simplest of terms so that they understood the process fully. In the rare event Samir was unavailable, his paralegal Roselly Barrios was always just a phone call away and would be just as efficient and professional as Samir himself. In 2014, my father became increasingly ill and very uncooperative with Samir. Obtaining the necessary documentation to complete this process became almost impossible. Through this turmoil, Samir worked with my family tirelessly so we would not miss any deadlines. Shortly after, my father passed away leaving everything unresolved. Still Samir continued to follow up with my mother and I to meet deadlines and get everything finalized and completed. I would highly recommend Samir Masri as I could not be happier with his services. Not only is he professional, efficient, and knowledgeable in his field, both Samir and Roselly showed much compassion to my family when we needed it most.

- (5 star review)

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